Medical Solutions to Address Stubborn Saddle Bags

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One of the body image issues that women face that is far more restricted to their gender is excess weight around the hip and thigh area. While targeting that area through exercise and muscle strengthening activities can certainly help women tone and strengthen their lower halves, some retained fat can be hard to eliminate. The “saddle bag” area of the body proves particularly challenging for many bottom-heavy women, and this can be discouraging when months or years of hard work fail to render the desired results.

The fortunate thing for a woman whose desire it is to remove saddle bags is that there are a couple of different plastic surgery options available – so even if one option isn’t deemed right for you, it doesn’t mean that you’re out of luck.

The first option is liposuction; a tried and true procedure designed to address various physical concerns in the world of plastic surgery. The concept of such a procedure is simple, and you’re likely already familiar with it.

Liposuction involves suctioning the fat cells out of the problem area to provide a smooth, toned appearance. When it comes to using lipo to address saddlebags, however, it’s important to note that there is some unique criteria that determines whether this is the right approach.

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Austin Saddle Bag Removal

Ideal Liposuction Candidate for Saddlebag Treatment

  • Patient with significant skin elasticity – when fat cells are removed from part of the body, in order to obtain the optimal appearance, skin needs to be elastic enough to “snap” back into place.
  • Youthful – healing time, and the likelihood that a patient’s skin will “snap back” can depend entirely on the body’s physical age. That doesn’t always mean your age chronologically, as lifestyle choices can determine how quickly you’ve aged physically. However, youth overall does improve healing and therefore your age can determine if you’re a candidate for saddle lift liposuction.
  • You have realistic expectations – plastic surgery like liposuction can greatly improve your appearance, but it’s important to recognize that you will experience scarring and even the presence of excess skin if this is the only approach you choose to take. If you can appreciate that plastic surgery is a journey, and embrace the unpleasant aspects, you’ll be far more satisfied with the results.

Lateral Thigh Lift Procedure

If you aren’t the ideal candidate for saddlebag liposuction, a more thorough alternative can ensure you get the look that you’re hoping for. This procedure is called the lateral thigh lift.

If your skin elasticity is not as great due to age or health, this procedure will work better for you than just liposuction to remove saddlebags alone. As the excess fat is removed from the outer thigh and buttocks area, the skin is also tightened providing a firmer, lifted look.

This plastic surgery option for saddle bags is not significantly more invasive than liposuction alone, and you’ll be better reminded of all the work you’ve put in to get your fit body when there is no excess skin acting as a self-esteem related distraction.

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