Male Rhinoplasty Options

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The nose is considered to be one of the most important facial features in terms of aesthetics. It is the most central and prominent feature of the face and has a significant impact on the overall balance and harmony among the facial features. A nose that is too large, long, crooked, curved or bumpy can mar an otherwise beautiful or handsome face. This is the case for both males and females. While in the past, plastic surgery of the nose was primarily sought by women, more and more men are now realizing the benefits of looking and feeling their best

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Why More Men Are Seeking Plastic Surgery

There has been a notable upsurge in male rhinoplasty procedures performed in Austin and across the nation within just the past few years. There are many reasons & common concerns which prompt men to seek this procedure. A sputtering economy and increasingly cut-throat job market have prompted many men to look for new ways to stay competitive and viable in the workforce.

The fact of the matter is that how you look does affect how you are perceived by others, in both your career and the social realm. Projecting an image of confidence and youthful vitality can certainly give you a leg up when it comes to landing a job and navigating the dating world.

Rhinoplasty has become one of the most popular plastic surgeries sought by men. This procedure can have a subtle yet profound effect on a man’s overall attractiveness and appeal.

What are the Differences Between Female and Male Rhinoplasty?

Men’s noses are different than women’s noses, and thus male rhinoplasty is different than female rhinoplasty. On the female face, a straight nose is essential to overall facial beauty, whereas a slight deviation can be acceptable on a man’s face. In female rhinoplasty, the goal is usually to create a smaller, straighter and more symmetrical nose. With male rhinoplasty on the other hand, the goal is to create a strong, full, and well defined nose that suits his masculine facial features.

In general, when it comes to the side profile, most men desire to have a straight or slightly convex bridge line. A bridge that is too “scooped” tends to feminize the profile. When it comes to the nasal tip, for women, a slight overall rotation upward is considered ideal. For men however, the tip should be less rotated. The nasal tip should be defined as well, but not narrow or pinched. The narrower the nasal tip, the more feminized the nose appears.

How is Male Rhinoplasty Performed?

Overall, the surgical techniques of rhinoplasty for both men and women are similar; however, as discussed above, the aesthetic goals are somewhat different. There are other natural differences between the male and female nose that also must be taken into consideration during male rhinoplasty. For instance, men tend to have thicker skin and stiffer cartilage. This often dictates a different technique when it comes to altering the underlying framework to reshape the nose.

During a typical male rhinoplasty procedure, the surgeon will make incisions within the nostrils and work from inside the nose to carefully alter and reshape the bones and cartilage to achieve the desired shape. In more complex cases, the surgeon may need to make incisions across the base of the nose.

Depending on your specific aesthetic goals and what was discussed at your consultation, pieces of cartilage or bone may be removed from or added to the nose to achieve the desired shape and size. If your goal is to create a narrower nasal bridge, the bones can be precisely broken and moved together to achieve a thinner nasal bone structure. If a hump is present, this can be filed down with a specialized surgical tool.

After all the reshaping and resetting methods have been performed, the nasal tissue and skin is redraped and the incisions are closed. A nasal splint will be worn for the first week to help minimize swelling.

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