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Aesthetically, the face has several areas of features that are the most important. The nose, as the central and most prominent part of the face, is one of them, and if you require any cosmetic surgery for the nose, it is called rhinoplasty. Interestingly enough, there is a further distinction in rhinoplasty procedures, and that is the gender of the patient. There are both male and female rhinoplasty procedures, and they have significant differences. This is the reason we at Personique® offer both male and female rhinoplasty treatments.

To understand the issue, let’s first look at rhinoplasty in a general way, and then take some time to figure out how female rhinoplasty differs, and if it is something that will be of benefit to you.

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What Is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, or the nose job, is something that many people understand. We know that it is often done for medical reasons, or to adjust the size, length, or other features of the nose. A large bump, for example, or a nose with a noticeable curve can mar the balance and good looks of the male or female face.

Yet, we also know that the features that make for an attractive face do vary by gender. For example, we might describe someone as having a “strong, masculine jaw”. The nose is the same, and so there are some very measurable differences between male and female rhinoplasty treatments.

The Differences Between Male and Female Rhinoplasty

Human anatomy for women is different than that for men, and that even applies to the face and nose. For example, it is known that men’s noses typically have a higher bridge than women’s, thicker skin, and wider widths. Each of these issues makes rhinoplasty for men a bit different than for women. The noses of women are often considered more defined and even a bit more delicate, and the tip of a woman’s nose will usually be less pronounced than that of a man.

Now, those are some general comments about anatomy, but there are also some differences in the desired outcomes for rhinoplasty treatments, and even here, men and women have different needs.

When consulting with an expert about female rhinoplasty, they will typically focus on several factors. While medically required rhinoplasty will not usually involve any aesthetics, it may be able to adjust such specifics as:

  • The shape – Patients come to Personique® for rhinoplasty because they are unhappy with the overall shape of the nose. This might include the bridge and the tip as well as the length.
  • The size – Another of the major reasons for a consult about female rhinoplasty, is the size of the nose. Reducing the size of the nose is a very common request, and done in a way that enhances its look as well as keeping it balanced with the rest of the features.
  • Symmetry – This is something that many do not really recognize as a cosmetically treatable matter, but we do in fact have such services. Perhaps the proportions, length, size or other aspects of the nose do not work with a woman’s overall facial appearance? We are happy to work with them to create a workable solution.

Though these three factors also appeal to men’s treatments, the overall aesthetic goals will vary quite substantially. Women who desire a more delicate, straighter and finer nose will find that is precisely what our Austin rhinoplasty can provide.

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