What Are The Most Common Nose Concerns?

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You may feel like you want a “nose job”, formally known as rhinoplasty. If so, you may even have a few issues with your nose that you think are the biggest concerns or complaints. However, many patients who come in for a consultation at Personique® are unaware of the most common nose concerns, the possibilities available to them through rhinoplasty, and the three major areas that our treatments can correct. Let’s take a bit of time to review these issues and help you gain a clearer understanding of your many options.

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What's Included?

There are actually some very common nose concerns that include complaints like “my nose is crooked” or “I think my nose is bulbous”. Patients tell us that they worry that their noses are too big, wide, droopy, long, short and even humped. These are all issues that rhinoplasty can address.

Yet, one of the first things to be considered before offering any treatments for the most common nose concerns is symmetry. This is the balance or “harmony” of the face, and how the nose is supporting that or offsetting it in some way. Countless studies have looked at the way human beings of all ages (even babies) react to a properly balanced face. Since the nose is the most prominent feature of most faces, it makes sense to begin adjusting the symmetry of the face, as well as those common nose concerns, first.

Specific Issues

We did itemize a very brief list of the common nose concerns, for both men & women, but let’s look closely at some of the biggest culprits, and figure out what can be done about them.

Wide or large nostrils – Though this is typically a familiar trait, our Austin rhinoplasty specialists are able to improve the dimensions of the nostrils to work better with the overall appearance of the face

Tip of the nose – Whether it is bulbous, droopy or contoured in an unflattering way, our experts are able to reshape or remove tissue and ensure that the tip of your nose is far more appealing and better suited to your appearance

Crooked nose – This can be due to injury or familial traits, and may be adjusted in a few ways. Our Austin rhinoplasty specialists will have to consider the specific reasons for a crooked nose and then use a range of treatments to improve its looks

Nose that is too long or too short – Again, this is probably an inherited feature and easily adjusted through rhinoplasty. Our experts may remove and reshape tissue or even add tissue to give you a more appropriately sized nose

Humped nose – The nose that has an overly pronounced dorsal hump, a tension tip that creates an unwanted hump or even an accumulation of bone or cartilage can be adjusted, reshaped and improved to a far more appealing look through surgical intervention.

Nose that is too wide – Another inherited facial trait is the nose that is too wide for proper symmetry. Fortunately, as this is a very common concern, we have a range of effective treatments that can remove tissue, reshaping the nose and leaving the face far more symmetrical.

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