Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive Surgery

The surgeons at Personique have years of experience in the art of cosmetic plastic surgery in Austin. Additionally, they are experts in a variety of procedures, including reconstructive surgery. The procedures that fall under the reconstructive surgery realm, include:

  • Reconstructive Surgery Austin

    Otoplasty (ear pinning)

    Most people who are upset because their ears are too big are wrong. The problem usually isn’t that their ears are too big, but just that they stick out...

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  • Nose Surgery Austin, TX

    Nose Surgery & Reconstruction

    Rhinoplasty surgery is perhaps one of the most aesthetically rewarding procedures in plastic surgery. It's remarkable how even the slightest correction...

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  • Chin and Cheek Augmentation Austin, TX

    Chin and Cheek Augmentation

    Chin augmentation and cheek surgery are both quite common, especially implants for individuals whose faces require refinement and contour to create...

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  • Vaginal Reconstruction Austin, TX

    Vaginal Reconstruction

    Many women are plagued by labia minora that are hypertrophic, protruding beneath their labia majora. They have no idea that this common nuisance can be...

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If you've been thinking about any of these procedures, contact us. During your consultation we will discuss these in detail and help you in your decision. We have high standards of ensuring our clients are in good mental and physical health, and realistic in their expectations.

More About Austin Reconstructive Surgery

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