Personique® On The Spot is Now Open!

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Personique® On The Spot offers two convenient locations at The Domain (Between IPIC Theater and Maggiano’s,
across from Bath and Body Works, and next to the Mystery Room) and our 34th Street Central Austin location.

Our new medical spa has everything you need to reach your aesthetic goals and maintain healthy, vibrant skin. Personique® On The Spot is a satellite location for Personique® Surgery Center, designed for the convenience and comfort of our patients. We offer an extensive menu of skin rejuvenation treatments, body-contouring therapies and advanced skin care products.

Personique® On The Spot is ideal for modern, on-the-go lifestyles. Get your shopping done and renew your look in one convenient trip. At On The Spot, we can also do complimentary consultations for procedures like breast augmentation and other cosmetic surgeries performed at our surgery center located on 34th street.

Our state-of-the-art medical spa is staffed by Board Certified Plastic Surgeons and licensed professionals with years of experience in anti-aging medicine. We offer the latest in nonsurgical, results-driven cosmetic treatments including injectable fillers like Botox® and Juvéderm®, non-invasive laser liposuction, skin resurfacing, cellulite treatment and much more.

Personique® On The Spot is ideal for modern, on-the-go lifestyles. Get your shopping done and renew your look in one convenient trip. At On The Spot, we can also do complimentary consultations for procedures like breast augmentation and other cosmetic surgeries performed at our surgery center located on 34th street.

Personique® On The Spot Services

Hyperpigmentation Peel – Hyperpigmentation is a common condition that can manifest in the form of age spots, freckles and uneven color. While usually harmless, hyperpigmentation can give the skin an undesired, aged appearance. Our hyperpigmentation peel is designed to penetrate beneath the damaged skin to remove the dead pigmented skin causing the complexion to appear patchy and uneven.

Acne Peel – Most of us thought that once we got older, acne flare-ups would no longer be an issue. Unfortunately, adult acne is very common and can persist well into our adult years. Luckily, there are powerful, clinical treatments to address this pesky condition. We offer a medical grade acne peel that is great for treating acne and oily skin types. This peel utilizes highly effective acids that penetrate sebum filled follicles to unclog pores, loosen and lift out blackheads, even out skin tone and prevent future breakouts.

Anti-Aging Peel – This treatment is ideal for mature and aging skin. Our powerful anti-aging peel is designed to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin texture, and other signs of aging. Adding an anti-aging peel to your skin care regimen is an extremely effective way to prevent the visible signs of facial aging and reveal a younger-looking you.

Rosacea Peel – Rosacea is a skin condition that affects millions of Americans, causing a red flushing of the skin. Our rosacea peel is used to treat the redness and dilated blood vessels symptomatic of this condition, resulting in the improvement and control of rosacea and redness.

Sensitive Peel – Our sensitive peels are customized to give irritation prone skin a gentle boost. Utilizing anti-inflammatory ingredients, the sensitive peel works to improve skin clarity and smoothness. This treatment can also stimulate collagen production to improve the skin’s density and firmness.

Custom Peel – Our custom peels are developed to address your specific skin care needs. After your skin profile analysis, one of our experienced skin care professionals will create a personalized peel that targets your unique skin issues and any imperfections you wish to correct.

Body Peel – Our body peel is very effective for treating acne and oily skin on the body. Ideal for athletes and those wanting to improve the skin-damaging effects of the sun, body peels work to unclog pores, lift blackheads, even skin tone, minimize discoloration and prevent future breakouts.

Microdermabrasion – Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive procedure that exfoliates the skin to reveal younger, healthier skin below. This exfoliating treatment employs a mechanical device to resurface the skin, removing the outermost layer of dead skin cells. Microdermabrasion also removes blackheads, minimizes pores and promotes cellular turnover. Your microdermabrasion treatment can be combined with a chemical peel for superior results.

Micro & Peel – Combining microdermabrasion treatment with superficial glycolic acid peels is a very effective way to maximize benefits and provide faster results. Both treatments are used to resurface the skin and diminish the visible signs of aging. Together, these two therapies make the perfect age-fighting duo. Performing microdermabrasion on the skin before doing a chemical peel removes the top layer of dead skin cells, which then allows the chemical peel to penetrate more evenly and effectively. One of Personique®’s trained skin care consultants will determine the best type of peel for your individual needs.

Dermaplane – Dermaplaning is an exfoliative treatment that removes dead skin cells from the epidermis. This skin resurfacing treatment uses a special tool to gently scrape away epidermal scales to allow the underlying layer of smooth, clear skin to emerge. Dermaplane treatments also remove soft facial hair that can trap dirt and oil. This controlled scraping is a painless method to achieve soft, smooth skin minus the downtime and undue redness.

Photofacial – Photofacial is a gentle, light-based treatment for diminishing the appearance of brown spots and broken capillaries while stimulating new collagen growth. Utilizing advanced IPL technology, a photo facial treatment works by delivering targeted dosages of light through a hand-held device. These pulses of focused energy penetrate and heat the skin’s inner layer (the dermis) while cooling the outer (epidermis) layer. This process works to cauterize small capillaries in the skin that contain age spots and blotchy pigmentation. The result is a more even skin complexion and often tighter skin due to the stimulation of new collagen. Photofacial usually requires around 3 – 6 treatments to see complete results.

Laser Hair Removal – Laser hair removal treatments utilize laser light specifically tuned to be absorbed by hair follicle pigment. This allows the focused laser energy to be absorbed by the unwanted hair while being repelled by the lighter colored skin. Once absorbed by the hair follicle, the light energy is converted into heat, causing damage to the hair follicle and stunting future hair growth in that area. Virtually any area of the body can be treated with this safe and effective technology. The number of sessions required will depend largely on the size and amount of hair growth in the treatment area.

Skin Tightening – Non-invasive laser skin tightening is a very effective method for achieving smoother, firmer skin with little to no downtime. In this procedure, a controlled amount of targeted light penetrates deep into the skin to heat and tighten collagen fibers while stimulating new collagen growth. This treatment activates dermal regeneration, which is the body’s natural repair and remodeling process. The result is a tightening of lax skin and restoration of a firmer, supple skin texture.

SculpSure– SculpSure is the world’s first FDA-cleared lipolysis treatment that uses innovative laser technology to sculpt and define the body and remove stubborn fat cells. This non-invasive procedure is ideal for patients spanning all body types who are looking to eliminate fat and create a more toned look on their abdomen or flanks. SculpSure’s state of the art light-laser technology allows for precise, controlled application, and can be used to treat one or more areas with an entirely hands-free device.

VelaShape – VelaShape is a circumferential reduction and cellulite treatment offered at Personique® on the Spot. VelaShape has been clinically proven to deliver consistent results, with circumferential results often seen after the first treatment and cellulite reduction in as little as 4 treatments.

Vivité® by Allergan – Vivité is a hydroquinone-free skin care line featuring GLX Technology. This advanced formulation consists of a unique blend of a glycolic compound and natural antioxidants that allows for greater skin penetration. The Vivité skin care line has been clinically proven to stimulate the production of collagen, hyaluronic acid and epidermal growth factor, which are all essential building blocks for healthy, youthful skin.

Epionce – Voted “Best Anti-Aging Skincare Line” by Aesthetic Awards (April 2012), Epionce is a comprehensive skin wellness line designed to repair and protect the health and appearance of skin. Based on years of scientific research, the Epionce System delivers a blend of active botanical ingredients that work to strengthen your skin’s own mechanisms. The result is a smoother, more radiant complexion.

Botox® – Botox® is the most popular non-invasive cosmetic treatment in the United States. This simple, nonsurgical treatment is extremely effective at softening the appearance of forehead lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet. Botox® treatment involves injecting a prescription medicine into the muscle that causes facial wrinkles, with the entire process lasting around 15 mintures.

Juvéderm® – Juvéderm® is a hyaluronic acid injectable filler used to replenish lost volume and restore a more youthful facial contour. This treatment is great for filling in the lines that stretch from the bottom of the nose to the corners of the mouth (nasolabial folds).

Radiesse® – Radiesse® is a volumizing filler that reduces the appearance of deep facial lines. This treatment combats the loss of collagen and skin elasticity that occurs with natural aging to lift and volumize collapsed facial tissues. Once injected, Radiesse® acts as a scaffold under the skin while stimulating the growth of your own natural collagen.

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