Your Mommy Makeover Checklist

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We get it. Becoming a mother is a blessing, but there are a few unintended consequences of childbirth you don’t exactly appreciate. Thankfully, the mommy makeover is one of the leading solutions to getting your pre-baby body back.

We’ve created a comprehensive checklist to serve as your one-stop guide to learning all you need to know about this procedure!


Tummy Tuck: There’s a good reason why the tummy tuck is an integral part of the mommy makeover. After childbirth, it’s extremely common for the lower abdomen to remain stretched out and saggy. No one wants to have a lower pooch! Unfortunately, the fat and skin in that area can be stubborn and resistant to change. That’s where the tummy tuck comes in handy. During the procedure, your plastic surgeon will strategically remove pesky fats and excess skin and even tighten your abdominal wall to reveal a more youthful, toned look that you’ll be happy with.

Liposuction: Sometimes the abdominal wall isn’t the only thing our patients aren’t happy with. After pregnancy, stubborn fat can spread to other areas surrounding the stomach, creating a “muffin top” look or a strange hip fat look that can make clothes look less flattering. Any new mom who is suffering from this can discuss it with her surgeon who may propose to add on some liposuction to the tummy tuck for the best results.


Breast lift: Lifting the breasts can dramatically change a woman’s body, and correcting sagging of the breasts has many visible advantages. Making them more lifted and perky leads to the overall physique of a woman to look more youthful and desirable. A breast lift procedure is a great solution to make them firmer and rounder and restores much-needed volume that’s been lost from the aging process.

Breast Enhancement: While a breast lift is a common option, many new moms also want to take it a step further by adding an augmentation. A breast enhancement is a great way to add youthful volume to get a bust line that makes their overall physique more attractive and symmetrical. The best part about a breast augmentation is how convenient it can be- since a tummy tuck and/or liposuction is often included in a mommy makeover, many patients have the option to directly transfer their fat to restore the volume to their breasts.

Breast Reduction: While some women are looking to enhance their bust line, others use the mommy makeover as an opportunity to reduce theirs. A breast reduction can be easily included as a part of this procedure. A breast reduction is not only a simple fat reduction that makes the breasts smaller. During the procedure, they’re also reshaped, rounded, and lifted to look more youthful and firm.


Brazilian Butt Lift: By now I’m sure you’ve noticed how customizable the mommy makeover is. The idea is simple: it’s a full, comprehensive set of procedures that are tailored to fit your own unique aesthetic needs and desires. There isn’t any “one size fits all” mommy makeover. In many cases, women decide to undergo the Brazilian butt lift. This newly popular procedure uses a combination of liposuction and fat grafting to contour both the back and glutes to create a flattering “hourglass figure.” Many patients go from looking “boxy” to femininely curvy. With a Brazilian butt lift, love handles and excess thigh fat can be removed and transferred to the butt in order to make it more lifted and enhanced, looking rounder and fuller. For patients who have a larger quantity of stubborn back fat, there is the option to add a complete lower body lift as well.


Facial Injections: Many women choose a mommy makeover for its appeal of being able to improve various desired areas at once. Since it’s not every day we make a visit to the surgeon’s office, this moment is typically capitalized on by adding various facial injections, like Botox or lip fillers. Restoring the volume to your face or lips, or correcting fine lines and wrinkles around the forehead and eyes only take 10-15 minutes and creates instantly youthful results that patients love.

Finding The Right Surgeon

The hardest part of the mommy makeover might be finding the right surgeon who will listen and correctly understand your aesthetic objectives. Thankfully, there are some tips that can come in handy during the process of searching for one.

The Proof is in their Past Results: Can this surgeon produce the quality results you’re looking for? Check out their website to find some recent before & after photos of his or her past patients. This is one sure-fire way to find proof of their capabilities and skills.

Check out their Credentials: Normally, a plastic surgeon will list their education and experience on their website. You should verify that he or she is a board-certified plastic surgeon, meaning that an official board such as the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery can serve to indicate his or her skill level.

Consultation: Most plastic surgeons not only offer, but require a one-on-one consultation before the procedure. This is a great opportunity to see how he or she understands your objectives and decide if you are happy with the customized plan the surgeon has come up with for you.

Preparing For The Day

Are you a recent mother? Perhaps you’re looking into this a bit too early. The earliest recommended time to undergo a mommy makeover is a minimum of 6 months after childbirth. Remember it’s never too late to get it done and enjoy remarkable results that will transform your confidence.

Also, while your plastic surgeon will ideally tell you all this during your consultation, it’s worth noting here that patients must avoid smoking at least 3 months before the mommy makeover. Smoking can increase risks like restricted blood flow that also can cause a string of unwanted complications.

Lastly, a mommy makeover is for women who are done having kids. Becoming pregnant again can destroy the results and potentially cause complications. Even gaining a significant amount of weight is not ideal. A tummy tuck, for example, is for patients who are already at least 15 pounds within their target weight.


Since the mommy makeover is completely customized, so is the recovery time, however, it’s relatively normal to need at least a couple of weeks to refrain from strenuous activities. To reduce the stress of post-surgery, you can prepare a well-cushioned area in advance, filled with relaxing activities to stay occupied during this time.

Post surgery, you will be given creams to heal surgical scars. Applying these creams should become a part of your everyday routine for the following years since it will dramatically improve the chances that the scars will successfully fade or at least become much less visible.

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