What Are The Benefits Of A Mommy Makeover?

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Have you heard about the “Mommy Makeover“? This is not some single treatment that works wonders overnight, but it is a good array of treatment options chosen to help mothers regain the body they had prior to pregnancy. The loose skin, sagging breasts, unshakeable pockets of fat, skin issues like cellulite and stretch marks, and several other issues can all be addressed by the Mommy Makeover. If you are a woman who is done with pregnancy and childbirth, and ready to feel like your former self again, you need to consider the many benefits of an Austin area Mommy Makeover from Personique.

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Answers Your Needs

You are thrilled to be a parent, but not so thrilled with the ways that pregnancy has seemed to permanently alter your body. In fact, many women complain that their post-pregnancy bodies leave them with lower self-esteem or self-consciousness. Fortunately, among the benefits of a Mommy Makeover are the simple facts that the treatments:

  • Boost self-confidence and esteem
  • Overcome issues that you often cannot tackle through diet and exercise alone
  • Are entirely customizable to your wishes, wants, and needs

That last point is an important one because it shows that we recognize how each patient is totally unique and has specific goals. As one of the finest benefits of a Mommy Makeover, customization lets our Austin cosmetic surgery team create a very targeted and specific plan for a patient. This plan can include a tummy tuck, liposuction, breast reduction or breast lift, breast augmentation and unique treatments such as vaginal rejuvenation or a butt lift. 

Who Is a Candidate?

Of course, the benefits of a Mommy Makeover are best when enjoyed by the right candidates. Our Austin cosmetic surgery team will gladly consult with anyone about this issue, but there some basic tips to know. After all, you may not be an ideal candidate right now but can enjoy the benefits of a Mommy Makeover by making a few changes today.

The best candidates are:

  • Those who are following a healthy diet and exercise regimen, and at a stable weight
  • Those who have loose skin in the breast and stomach area that just won’t respond to exercise and/or weight loss
  • Those with a healthy BMI
  • Non-smokers
  • Patients with controlled diabetes
  • Those with reasonable expectations
  • Patients willing to commit to the two to three-week recovery process
  • Patients who know they are finished with pregnancy and childbirth

As you can see, almost anyone who is not yet a candidate can easily become one by making a few lifestyle changes and by also coming in for a free consultation. This is the smartest first step as it can allow our Austin area Mommy Makeover providers to help you understand the options. We will review your needs, create a totally customized plan of treatments, and then help you discover any changes you may need to make to enjoy the benefits of these treatments.

Motherhood is amazing, but you don’t have to sacrifice the body you had before pregnancy permanently. If you are done having kids and wish to restore your appearance, a Mommy Makeover in Austin has all the benefits and answers you need.

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