Male Plastic Surgery


  • Male Plastic Surgery Austin TX

    Male Rhinoplasty

    The nose is considered to be one of the most important facial features in terms of aesthetics. It is the most central and prominent feature of the face...

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  • Liposuction for Men Austin TX

    Male Liposuction

    At Personique, we see a number of Austin male liposuction patients each year. As more and more men begin to realize the benefits of looking and feeling their best...

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  • Male Eyelid Surgery Austin TX

    Male Eyelid Surgery

    For some reason, society seems to believe that plastic surgery is a “female” thing, making it harder for men to feel comfortable with the idea of making...

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  • Chin Surgery Austin TX

    Chin Augmentation

    Chin augmentation and cheek surgery are both quite common, especially implants for individuals whose faces require refinement and contour...

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  • Gynecomastia Surgeon Austin TX

    Male Breast Reduction

    Over-developed breasts in men are not uncommon and can happen for a variety of reasons. Hereditary conditions, hormonal changes, disease or the use of certain...

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  • Hair Implants Austin TX

    Hair Implantation

    Hair implantation is a surgical technique that takes hair follicles from elsewhere on the patient’s body and transplants it to the bald or balding region of the head…

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