Liposuction in Austin, Texas

Liposuction Plastic Surgeons in Austin, Texas

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Austin Liposuction
Liposuction in Austin

Exclusive pricing not available anywhere else.

Considering Liposuction in Austin Texas? Personique® is home to some of the leading liposuction experts in Central Texas. Our Board Certified Plastic Surgeons have been successfully performing this procedure for decades with outstanding results. Just like any other cosmetic procedure, your Austin liposuction experience starts with a personalized consultation.

During your complimentary consultation, one of our liposuction plastic surgeons will listen to your body contouring goals and discuss with you the available options to achieve the specific look you desire. To determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure, your surgeon will review your medical history and perform a physical examination of your skin elasticity and areas of concern. You will also have the opportunity to address any questions or concerns you may have before deciding to move forward with the procedure.

Ready to take the next step?

Austin Liposuction Procedure

What Exactly Is Liposuction?

Liposuction, also known as lipoplasty, is a plastic surgery procedure that reshapes and slims the body through the surgical removal of excess fat deposits. This procedure is especially great for anyone who has stubborn fat pockets that are resistant to diet and exercise. As we get older and our metabolism slows, it is very common for certain areas of the body to begin collecting and storing fat more readily than other regions. The lower abdomen, the outer thighs, beneath the chin and the love handle region are just a few examples of common areas that people struggle with.

Liposuction can selectively target and sculpt these trouble areas to restore a leaner, smoother body contour. Due to its effectiveness, liposuction has become one of the most commonly requested plastic surgery procedures. Our surgeons have performed thousands of liposuction procedures and have a long supported track record for providing consistently safe and superior results.

What Type Of Anesthesia Is Used?

Our Austin surgeons use local anesthesia with intravenous sedation. This safe sedation technique is less prone to complications than general anesthesia, which affects the whole body. Local anesthesia, on the other hand, numbs only the treatment area, so no pain is felt. Sedatives are administered beforehand through an intravenous tube, which induces what is often referred to as ‘twilight sleep‘. The patient is not rendered completely unconscious and can still breathe on their own.

How Is Liposuction Performed?

Liposuction techniques have undergone significant technological improvements over the past decades, greatly improving the safety and efficacy of the procedure today. At Personique®, we perform all of our liposuction procedures using the safest, most effective method, known as the Tumescent technique.

  • Once a wetting solution (minimizes bleeding and bruising) and local anesthetic have been injected into the treatment area, your surgeon will then make small incisions in the skin.
  • These incisions are typically less than 1/2″ in length and are made in inconspicuous areas like natural skin folds.
  • A narrow, wand-like device known as a cannula is then inserted through the incisions, this hollow tube is attached to a vacuum device.
  • Your surgeon can now gently break up and suction the excess fatty deposits that reside between the skin and muscle.

The duration of your lipo procedure will depend on the extent of your surgery and the number of areas being treated. However, a typical procedure usually lasts anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. Since Personique® uses the tumescent technique with local anesthesia, patients are able to return home the same day of their procedure.

Watch the video to see an actual liposuction procedure performed at Personique®.

Post-Op: Liposuction Recovery

When undergoing a surgical procedure like liposuction, patients are naturally concerned about how long the recovery process takes. Everyone heals at different rates depending on their general health and the extent of their procedure, but most patients are usually back to their regular routine in just a few days. Depending on the type of job, patients can usually return to work within 10 days. There will likely be some swelling, bruising and numbness around the treatment areas, however, this will begin to subside after 1 – 2 weeks. Patients will need to wear a support garment for 2 – 6 weeks following surgery and are encouraged to wait for 2 – 4 weeks before exercising.Your new figure will begin to take shape within a week after your procedure with steady improvement each week as swelling diminishes. Best results are typically visible around 3 – 4 months post-surgery.

Liposuction Experts in Austin

What To Expect After Surgery

Since Personique® uses safe local anesthesia by the tumescent technique, patients are typically able to leave our office in a matter of hours after the procedure is performed. In the past, liposuction surgery required the use of general anesthesia, hospitalization and was associated with so much blood loss that patients frequently required blood transfusions. Today, the tumescent technique has significantly improved the liposuction recovery period by virtually eliminating surgical blood loss.

Due to the smaller cannulas used with the tumescent technique, there is less surgical trauma and damage to tissues, which means less pain during liposuction recovery. There is also less bruising when local anesthesia is used as compared to general anesthesia. This is because of two reasons.

First, since there is such little bleeding in tumescent liposuction, there is almost no blood that remains beneath the skin after your surgery to cause bruising.
Second, because the suction cannulas used are so small, only small punctures are required to introduce the tubes, and these incisions ultimately heal with no scars.
After completing liposuction, the patient will be placed in a compression garment and will be able to leave our office shortly after the procedure. Compression garments help skin adjust to the reduction in fat by providing support for the treated tissues. These garments help to reduce swelling as well.Patients are not permitted to drive themselves home after their surgery and must be discharged home under the care of a responsible adult known to the patient. Post-operative nausea and vomiting are rare after tumescent liposuction using local anesthesia. Nausea and vomiting are more common with general anesthesia and lengthy procedures.

Patients may feel groggy the first 12 hours after their surgery. It is a good idea to have someone remain with you the first 24 hours to assist you with getting around and taking medications.

Rest as needed the day after your surgery, but you do not have to stay in bed. Gentle walking around your home will actually help your circulation.

Be sure to drink an adequate amount of fluids to avoid dehydration during your liposuction recovery as well.

Some patients may return to desk work within a few days. Patients are however encouraged to wait for 2 – 4 weeks before exercising. Follow your Austin plastic surgeon’s instructions regarding compression garments, drainage tubes or medications after surgery and the liposuction recovery period will be shorter and you will see the full results of your procedure sooner.

Cost Of Liposuction

For those considering body contouring surgery, naturally, one of the first questions they have is “how much does liposuction cost?” The cost of liposuction at Personique® starts at $139/month (* Estimated fees are based on 60 monthly payments with approved credit). However, the price of liposuction procedures varies from patient-to-patient based on individual circumstances, goals, and needs. The actual cost of Austin liposuction will be determined following a free consultation by one of our board-certified plastic surgeons.

Fees include:

  • Anesthesia
  • Operating room
  • Surgeon fee
  • All follow-up visits

Since body contouring may be performed on many different areas of the body, estimating the cost of liposuction is difficult to do without first consulting with a specialist. At Personique®, we offer free, no pressure body assessment consultations for our patients. At your complimentary consultation, you will be able to discuss your aesthetic goals, see before and after photos of previous Austin liposuction patients and get an accurate quote for your surgery.

To learn more about our financing options, please visit our plastic surgery financing page.

liposuction plastic surgeons in austin
Austin Body Contouring

Nonsurgical Fat Reduction

If you want to get rid of pesky fat deposits, but don’t want to go the surgical route, Personique® also offers a noninvasive alternative to liposuction called SculpSure. This innovative system utilizes controlled hyperthermic laser light laser lipolysis to remove stubborn fat cells. Visit our SculpSure page to learn more.

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