Liposuction For Men

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At Personique®, we see a number of Austin male liposuction patients each year. As more and more men begin to realize the benefits of looking and feeling their best, the number of men seeking cosmetic surgery continues to rise with each passing year. Liposuction for men is an especially popular procedure here in Austin. With warm temperatures just about year-round, Texas weather often means pool, river and lake season lasts a lot longer than it does in other regions. Just as women desire to look fit and trim when swimsuit season rolls around, Austin men also want to look athletic and lean when hanging out poolside sans shirt.

This endeavor gets to be more difficult the older we get though. As men age, their body composition gradually begins to change as the metabolism slows and testosterone levels start to diminish. With each passing year, keeping the pounds off tends to get a little bit harder. Fat starts to accumulate in places it didn’t before. For men, the lower abdomen is usually a problem area. Following a strict diet and exercise regimen, only to have your results obscured by a stubborn layer of fat can be quite frustrating to say the least. Men also tend to store excess fat more readily in areas like the chest and flanks (love handles).

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Male Liposuction to Target Stubborn Fat

Doing specific localized exercises like crunches will make these muscles stronger sure, but spot reduction is a myth. Weight loss occurs evenly around the body and cannot be isolated to one particular area through diet and exercise alone. If you have accumulated excess localized fat in a specific region like the lower abdomen, liposuction is the most effective means of getting rid of these stubborn fat pockets.

Liposuction is now the most highly requested plastic surgery procedure by men nationwide. As the social taboos that once surrounded cosmetic surgery for men have fallen by the wayside, the number of male liposuction procedures is on the rise. As competition in the job market has increased in recent years, many men are turning to cosmetic procedures like liposuction to give them a subtle boost of confidence and a healthier, more energetic look.

How is Liposuction Performed?

Over the years, body contouring techniques have seen significant advances in technology and safety. Liposuction is less traumatic to the body than it was years ago, and recovery times are much quicker. During a liposuction procedure, small incisions are made within inconspicuous areas, often hidden in skin folds. Through these incisions, a thin tube (known as a cannula) is inserted into the treatment area. The surgeon will then dislodge the excess fat deposits using a controlled back and forth motion. Once the fat has been extricated, it is then removed from the body via a surgical vacuum that is attached to the cannula.

View male liposuction before and after photos.

Upon completion of the procedure, the patient is fitted with a compression garment or elastic bandages in order to reduce post-op swelling. The length of the recovery period after liposuction really depends on the individual, however most patients are able to return to work in a matter of a few days. Of course, if your job is more physically demanding, you will need wait a little longer before returning to any laborious tasks such as heavy lifting.

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