Male Eyelid Surgery

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For some reason, society seems to believe that plastic surgery is a “female” thing, making it harder for men to feel comfortable with the idea of making the physical improvements they desire. But the reality is that plastic surgery is not gender-specific, and there are some particular procedures that are more prevalent among men – including male eyelid surgery.

While women can experience wrinkling and sagging around the eyes as well, these facial aging signs are among the top complaints of men that consider plastic surgery. They want to address the wrinkles and lines that appear around the upper and lower eyelids, along with the deposits of fat that can give the eyes a puffy appearance.

The procedure to address these issues is called a blepharoplasty, and often you’ll see the gender specified when learning about the procedure online or through a doctor. It’s referred to as a blepharoplasty for men (or for women) because while the concept of the procedure is the same, slight variations of the techniques are used for each sex as a result of the physical preferences of each gender.

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Goals in Eyelid Surgery for Men

Ensure your doctor recognizes that men look for blepharoplasty results that meet the following aesthetics:

  • Minimal crease in the upper eyelid – many women prefer to have a high and deep crease of the upper eyelid. This is due to the tendency of the gender to wear makeup. Many men find that it is a more masculine look to have the eyelid crease kept lower and less defined when having male eyelid surgery.
  • A refreshed appearance – at one point, the trend with male blepharoplasty was to really lift and tighten the eye in a way that provided a less natural appearance. Today, most men simply want to clean up the lines, wrinkles, and puffiness while still maintaining an appearance of aging naturally.
  • Lower positioning of the eyebrow – it is natural for men to have less of an arch in their eyebrow and for the outer edge to be positioned lower without the flare that many women have. Maintaining this when completing a male blepharoplasty procedure is important for a natural, masculine look.
  • Reduce the likelihood of scarring – most men don’t want to have to use makeup to cover up any lingering scars that might remain after an eyelid lift. Women on the other hand, may compromise on the fact that they’ll have a greater number of scars if it means a greater number of wrinkles in their eyelids can be removed.
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