Breast Revision

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Breast Revision in Austin Texas

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When you think of breast procedures, usually breast augmentation is the first to come to mind. However, in this world, not everything lasts forever. Many of our most prized possessions require effort to maintain optimal form. Homes need renovation, vehicles need their oil changed, and breast implants require revision. At Personique® , our Austin board-certified plastic surgeons have perfected the unique blend of art and science that is the cornerstone of creating subtle yet beautiful results.

The fact that maintenance is required on these items isn’t considered a flaw in their design; it’s simply a way to guarantee their quality.  When breast implants require revision, it isn’t typically because there was a flaw with the original implant or an error during the surgery. Breast implant revision is simply the necessary method to ensure that they’ll always look the way you want them to even as time goes on.

Today’s advanced breast augmentation procedures and associated technology help prevent the likelihood that breast implant revision will be required down the road. However, techniques are always improving, as are breast implants themselves. The thing you’ve got to remember, though, is that the body is a miraculous thing and it constantly adapts and changes. So, it’s important to be prepared for this eventuality and understand the process if you are considering implants, or already have them but don’t yet think you are at the stage where revision is required.

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When To Consider Breast Implant Revision Surgery?

  • Your existing implants are demonstrating signs and symptoms of leaking (which can be confirmed by X-ray).
  • You are experiencing symptoms of capsular contracture, meaning that scar tissue around the implant has changed, modifying the appearance of the breast and personal comfort.
  • The appearance of the breast has changed as a result of alternations in your physical appearance since the implant surgery, such as weight loss or weight gain.
  • The original procedure wasn’t done as well as it could have been, and the implants are poorly positioned in the breasts, or the nipples and areolas sit too low. Rippling of the implants could also be visible through the skin of the breast, requiring adjustment.
  • You are no longer satisfied with the size or overall shape of the breast.

The Pros Of Breast Revision Surgery

If any of the above sounds familiar, then it may be time to look into breast implant revision surgery. Effectively, if you choose to move forward with the procedure, it is like having your breasts redone all over again. However, there are a number of advantages that you’ll experience with the revision that wouldn’t have applied during the original procedure:

  • Having been through the process before, you know what to expect with regards to the process of having breast augmentation surgery and the recovery period involved.
  • You can directly discuss the things that you’ve liked and disliked about your breasts with your surgeon, and your experiences with how your implants have changed with your body over time.
  • Your surgeon will have a better idea of the end result with each possible option for your breast revision surgery.
  • As an informed patient, you’re likely to have realistic goals regarding the outcome of the surgery as you will be better at understanding and communicating your requirements.

Remember, it’s okay to let go of the misconception that the results of your original procedure should last forever. If you need change, you’re no longer satisfied with the look, or physical changes in your body have altered the appearance of your original breast augmentation or breast lift procedure, you don’t need to settle. Breast implant revision is a viable option for many patients!

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