Breast Lift in Austin Tx

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Breast Lift Austin

Exclusive pricing not available anywhere else.

Are you considering a breast lift in Austin, Texas? As specialists in cosmetic breast surgery, the plastic surgeons at Personique® are experienced in modern breast lift techniques that are individualized to the needs of each patient. This procedure rejuvenates the female figure by restoring the breasts to a more youthful position and shape. For many of our Austin breast lift patients, this procedure has greatly transformed their lives. However, the benefits of breast lift surgery reach far beyond firmer, perkier and shapelier breasts. The vast majority of our patients experience a tremendous boost in self-esteem and confidence as well.

If you would like to schedule your complimentary consultation to see if breast lift surgery is right for you, please call Personique® today at (512) 459-6800. At your consultation, one of our board-certified plastic surgeons will assess your individual anatomy and discuss your aesthetic goals with breast surgery. You may also fill out the Consultation Request form to the right and someone from our office will be in touch with you shortly.

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How Breasts Change With Age

As the years go by, almost every woman begins to notice a change in the size, shape, and feel of her breasts. Even women with breast augmentation experience changes. There are a variety of factors that can lead to the gradual deterioration of breast tissue. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuation and gravity all take their toll on our bodies as we age. Changes in the breasts often become more evident after menopause. This is primarily due to the decrease of the female hormone estrogen. These changes may include:

  • Loss of breast volume and fullness
  • Decreased thickness and elasticity of breast skin
  • Sagging and drooping of the breasts
  • Flattening of the breast contour
  • Retraction or inversion of the nipple
  • Gradual atrophy (shrinkage) in breast size

While this is all part of the natural aging process, most women don’t exactly consider this a welcome change. To many women, the breasts can represent a sense of femininity and youthfulness. When the breasts begin to change or sag, this can often become a source of frustration and dissatisfaction for the individual. For some, these changes can even lead to lowered self-esteem and a negative body image. The individual may no longer feel comfortable wearing certain clothes or partaking in activities that she once enjoyed due to embarrassment about her body.

If you are unhappy with the way that your breasts look, the good news is you do have options to remedy this. A breast lift from our Austin plastic surgeons is a procedure that can restore a more lifted and youthful contour to sagging breasts. Also known as Mastopexy, a breast lift enhances the breast shape and firmness, removes excess skin and lifts the breast to a more youthful position.

Is Breast Lift Surgery Right For Me?

A typical breast lift patient is a woman whose breasts have lost volume and begun to sag from pregnancy, nursing, weight loss or natural aging. While there is a prevailing thought that breast lifts are reserved for patients with age-related sagging of the breasts, this isn’t always the case. For many women, sagging of breast tissue can begin to occur at a young age. Breast ptosis at an early age can significantly affect an individual’s self-confidence and body image. The best way to determine if you would benefit from undergoing a breast lift in Austin, TX is to meet and discuss your goals with us.

Breast Lift Cost
Breast Lift Price

How Is A Breast Lift Performed?

There are several different variations of the breast lift procedure. The right technique for you will depend on the size and shape of your breasts as well as your individual goals and needs.

Before the procedure, your plastic surgeon will use a surgical marker to define where the incisions will be made and create a roadmap for your procedure. Once local anesthesia with sedation has been administered, the incisions are then made along the markings created pre-operatively. There are several common patterns used for a breast lift and the pattern used for your procedure will depend on the extent of your breast ptosis and where the nipple-areola complex is positioned on your breast.

Excess breast skin and tissue are then removed. The remaining skin and fat are reworked to a higher position in order to create a more youthful breast shape. The nipples and areola are typically repositioned higher on the new breast as well. The nipples are not usually removed during this process, and normally stay attached to the breast tissue throughout, so as to maintain sensation. Once the surgeon has reshaped the breasts, the incisions are then sutured closed and the remaining skin is tightened.

Breast Lift With Breast Implants

Your breast lift procedure in Austin can be combined with breast augmentation surgery to create fuller breasts that are more shapely and youthful in appearance. Combining a breast lift with implants is ideal for the patient who not only wants to lift and reshape the breasts but desires to increase the size of her bust as well.

Breast Lift Austin Texas
Breast Lift Austin TX

Recovery After Surgery

For those considering breast lift surgery, the recovery process is naturally a chief concern for many patients. Since women choose to undergo breast lift surgery for a variety of different reasons, each surgery is unique. Just as each procedure is unique to the patient, so too is the recovery process. Breast lift recovery time will be influenced by different factors including your:

  • Health
  • Age
  • Skin Tone
  • Breast size
  • Hormone levels

In general, those who do their research before deciding to have breast lift surgery usually report the best outcomes. Selecting a highly qualified and experienced plastic surgeon is a crucial part of your research, as this aspect will have the greatest effect on your recovery process and outcome. Along with your surgeon choice, having a thorough understanding of the procedure, including what to expect with breast lift recovery, are the best ways to ensure you optimize post-op healing and get the results you desire.

Advanced preparation and knowledge will allow you to go into your breast lift procedure feeling comfortable and confident about what lies ahead.

Immediately After Surgery

As with most surgical procedures, the first 24 – 48 hours are typically the most challenging. Your first breast lift recovery experience will be in the recovery area of Personique® as you wake up from sedation. Here you will be monitored closely and cared for by our nursing staff as you continue to become more alert. You will be released to go home after your nurse determines you are ready, typically a few hours after surgery. At this point, our staff will contact your family member or friend who will be transporting you back home.

Once home we recommend having a friend or family member stay with you the first 24 hours after surgery to assist you, as you may still be groggy. You will be sent home with an elastic surgical bra designed to support the breasts while they heal and help minimize post-op swelling. Under this, a support bra with removable gauze pads and steri-strips covering your breast lift incisions. You may adjust the bra as needed for comfort during the first few days after your surgery. You will be able to remove it on the second postoperative day if you need to take a shower.

Breast Lift
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The First Few Weeks After Surgery

You will continue to wear a bra 24 hours a day for added support and comfort during the first few weeks of breast lift recovery. Depending on whether or not you had breast implants in addition to your breast lift procedure, you may also wear an elastic compression band which can also be removed when you shower. Your post-operative instructions will be specific to your individualized procedure.

Typically, stitches are removed after one week, but are usually absorbable and designed to dissolve on their own. Any discomfort or pain you feel after breast lift surgery is well tolerated by most patients. While recovery is different for every patient, most women are able to return to work a week after their breast lift procedure. It is recommended that any strenuous activity such as overhead lifting be avoided for at least 4 weeks following surgery. Light exercise can usually be resumed around one to three weeks following surgery depending on your doctor’s instructions. If breast augmentation was also performed, exercise restrictions may be for a longer period of time.

Speeding Up Your Breast Lift Recovery

There are steps you can take to optimize and accelerate the recovery process after breast lift surgery. Listed below are a few tips that can help ensure your post-op healing goes as smoothly as possible.

  • Take care of yourself and avoid subjecting your incisions to any excessive force or motion during the healing process.
  • Elevate your torso by sleeping on your back in an inclined position. This will help to minimize swelling.
  • Avoid smoking as this can interfere with healing and scar formation. If you are a smoker it is important that your surgeon knows this. You will need to refrain from smoking for at least 2 – 4 weeks prior to your breast lift surgery.
  • Eat a healthy diet that is low in sodium. Vitamin K rich foods such as yogurt, eggs, and lettuce are known for helping with healing and swelling. It is important to avoid salt (sodium) during your recovery process as this can increase your swelling and may prolong your recovery.
  • You should also avoid drinking alcohol after your procedure, as alcohol dilates the blood vessels and could increase postoperative bleeding. Additionally, you should not drink alcohol until you have stopped taking your prescribed pain medication.
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Breast Lift Surgery

Cost Of Breast Lift Surgery

For those considering this procedure, naturally, one of the first questions they have is “how much does a breast lift cost?” The cost of breast lift surgery varies depending on the patient’s individual needs. There are a number of different factors that can affect the complexity of your surgical procedure and likewise, the cost of your breast lift surgery.

Variables such as the following will be used to determine the final price of your individual breast lift procedure:

  • Your unique anatomy and aesthetic goals
  • The surgical technique used
  • The extent of the surgery (incisions, amount of skin removed, etc.)
  • Whether or not you are getting breast implants too
  • The length of time the procedure takes
  • Surgeons Fee

The cost of breast lift surgery will also vary based on your surgeon’s experience, skill level and reputation. Some plastic surgeons are in higher demand than others and thus have a higher surgeon’s fee. When choosing a plastic surgeon, the surgeon’s fee should always be a secondary factor. When it comes to surgery and your body, you want to make sure you choose the best surgeon who has years of experience successfully performing breast lift procedures.

It is important to review your surgeon’s credentials, experience, and education prior to making a decision. You should also view before and after photos of previous patients who have undergone breast lift surgery at the surgeon’s clinic. No other decision will have as great of an impact on the quality of your results and overall experience as the surgeon you select. Other factors that can affect the final cost of breast lift surgery in Austin include things like the cost of anesthesia, the surgical facility, support staff and follow-up visits. Geographic location is another element that affects the cost of breast lift surgery. This is largely due to the fact that cost of living varies in each city and state, which in turn impacts the cost of a number of different professional services provided in that area.

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