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Exclusive pricing not available anywhere else.

Are you eager to shed weight, but fear major gastric surgical procedures? Perhaps you have heard about the different gastric bypass options and all of the different “band” procedures, but just don’t want invasive treatment. If so, the ORBERA® treatment will be of interest to you.

Why? Remarkably enough, it requires no surgical treatment; meaning no stitches, staples or downtime associated with a major surgery. Instead, those who opt for this FDA approved treatment for weight loss will have a safe and effective alternative method for reducing appetite and food intake, ensuring faster and significant weight loss.

Ready to take the next step?

How ORBERA® works

The way this unique system works is quite simple and straightforward. The treatment is a fast, 15-minute procedure, and involves little more than a small balloon being easily inserted into your stomach via the esophagus. The balloon is inserted empty and then filled with saline solution once it is in the proper position.

What would this achieve? If you take a moment to envision the treatment, you see that a portion of your stomach is kept full by the balloon. This does two things, it allows you to feel fuller faster each time that you eat or drink. The other thing this allows is for you to consume less (i.e. fewer calories and smaller amounts) each time you eat. This is the simplest way to optimal portion control simply because you just don’t have the space to overeat at any given time.

Additionally, the balloon slows the digestion process, ensuring that you feel fuller longer and yet have all of the energy you need. Once you have the treatment, the medical team also works with you throughout the following twelve months to ensure that you lose weight healthily and then also keep it off once the balloon is removed.

six months with the ORBERA®

The ORBERA® balloon is not left in your stomach permanently. It remains in place for only six months and is then removed. Just as it was easy and convenient to have the balloon placed right in the medical office, removing it is the same. It takes less than 30 minutes from beginning to end. And once the balloon is removed, you will notice that your body has become attuned to eating less and feeling satisfied.

The entire process is overseen by our medical team and you will learn about healthier eating, a healthier lifestyle and how to move forward when the balloon has been removed, even if you are still working on weight loss goals. 

Would you like to learn if you are a good candidate for the ORBERA® balloon (gastric balloon) treatment? Typically, those with a BMI of 30-40, and a weight loss goal of 20 to 40 pounds are ideal candidates, but there are many with higher weight loss goals or BMIs effectively using this treatment. If you are ready to shed unwanted pounds, but using a non-surgical, FDA approved option, this procedure may be precisely what you need.


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