Austin Gynecomastia Surgery

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Overdeveloped breasts in men are not uncommon and can happen for a variety of reasons. Hereditary conditions, hormonal changes, disease or the use of certain drugs can all potentially cause excessive tissue development in the breasts. This condition is known as Gynecomastia and can occur in men of any age.

Gynecomastia is often triggered by hormonal imbalance. Testosterone deficiency can skew the testosterone to estrogen ratio. When the testosterone level is not sufficient to block or balance out the estrogen, the result can be the stimulation of breast tissue development. Gynecomastia is frequently seen in older age since testosterone levels tend to gradually decline as men get older.

Adolescent males may also develop gynecomastia when they hit puberty as a result of the normal changes in hormone levels. For a large majority of young males who develop pubescent gynecomastia (not as a result of obesity), the breast enlargement will typically shrink or disappear within several years. However, if the condition does not go away over time and persists into adulthood, surgery can help. Persistent gynecomastia in a male over the age of 17 is unlikely to subside.

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Austin Male Breast Reduction Procedure

Unfortunately, because it is not a subject that most males like to talk about, they may be unaware that there is treatment available for this condition. Men of any age who are emotionally healthy and stable are candidates for male breast reduction.

During gynecomastia surgery, excess tissue is removed by lipoplasty and in other cases a combination of liposuction and direct incision to remove the glandular tissue. Gynecomastia reduction is an outpatient procedure and in most cases patients are able to return to work in 1 – 3 days. If your job involves physical activity, it may be a bit longer before you can resume working. Most strenuous activities should be avoided for the first few weeks, especially activities that stress the surgery area (i.e. lifting weights, bench press, pushups, etc..). Scars typically fade within a few months and are easily hidden at the bottom of the nipple. Results are immediate however and Austin gynecomastia patients can enjoy their new look in a matter of days.

The result of gynecomastia surgery is a smoother, firmer chest contour. Our Austin Gynecomastia surgery patients experience a significant boost in confidence after the procedure and are no longer embarrassed to take off their shirt in public or wear something form fitting.

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