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About Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty, also referred to as ‘nose job‘, can accomplish a number of things. It can reduce the overall size, improve the tip, remove a bump, narrow or widen the width, or even improve the angle between the nose and the upper lip. Nose surgery can also sometimes relieve breathing problems, which in some cases, may be covered by insurance).

Generally, any or all of these changes can be made during one operation which usually takes from one to three hours. The procedure is almost always done on an outpatient basis, using local anesthesia with sedation.

Details about Austin Rhinoplasty Surgery

Working from inside the nose, the surgeon carefully modifies and reshapes the bones and cartilage. A bump can be reduced or totally eliminated. The sides of the nose can be brought closer together to make the nose narrower. The tip can be made smaller and also lifted to enhance it appearance. When a large, over-sized nose is made smaller, sometimes the nostrils also need to be reduced in size. Unbalanced, crooked or curved noses can be straightened and made more symmetrical.

Recovery after Nose Surgery

After rhinoplasty surgery, a splint is placed on the nose to maintain the new shape and to protect it. Often a nasal pack is inserted in the nose to support the inside. You’ll be up and around a day or two after surgery, and any pain you feel can be controlled by medication. Cold compresses on your eyes can reduce swelling and bruising while you keep your head elevated. Within a couple of days the nasal packing comes out. The splint usually comes off within a week.

Bruising around your eyes starts to fade within a couple of days and disappears totally within a few weeks. Most people return to work within a week to ten days and makeup can be used to cover any bruises. You should avoid hitting the nose for at least eight weeks. There will be subtle swelling of the nose which subsides slowly over time. Your final result may not be realized for weeks or even months. Occasionally, additional changes and revisions require additional surgery. Visit our rhinoplasty recovery timeline page to learn more about the recuperation period after nasal surgery.

Austin Rhinoplasty Surgery Results

The results will be immediate and dramatic if the nose was very large or if a big hump was removed. But usually, the changes are less dramatic. A slight hump or over-sized tip can be improved without attracting a great deal of attention. Friends may say that they don’t see a major difference, but that’s okay. Your surgery should improve your appearance without drawing direct attention to your nose.

Remember the idea is not to create a new nose, but rather to improve and enhance the one you have. Your final result will be a permanent improvement which will last the rest of your life.

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